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Track listing for Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins CD "That's Life"!

1.Cry Baby
2.Love Sick Spell
3.Baby Names
4.Evening Time
5.Love Me
6.I Think I'm Goin' Crazy
7.Black & Blue Baby
8.Just One Kiss
9.The Tunnel Of Love
10.Tease Me
11.That's Life
12.Rollin' Pin Mim
13.She Gives Me Love
14.You Better Stop
15.Madi Jane

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2005 EP Release
"New England's Own Jump, Swing, Rhythm & Blues"

Track Listing For "New England's Own Jump, Swing, Rhythm & Blues!"
2.Jump Tonight
3.Everybody Rock
4.Cool Down Baby
5.She's The Apple Of My Eye

You can buy Johnny Carlevale's - "New England's Own Jump, Swing, Rhythm & Blues"! - 2005 EP CD release featuring the smash hit "She's The Apple Of My Eye" right now for $7.00 US (which includes shipping & handling) by clicking on the  "BUY NOW" button below!

2006 LP Release
"That Ain't No Way To Spend A Friday Night"

Track Listing For "That Ain't No Way To Spend A Friday Night!"
1.Give It Up
2.My Baby Ain't Home
3.Hi-Tail, Then Boogie
4.Mean Mean Thing
5.Tongue Tied
6.Alabama Woman Blues
7.Whiskey Like Water
8.Love Me - featuring Amy Latka on vocals
9.You Wore Me Out
10.You Talk Too Much
11.Put Out The Lights
12.The I-80 Blues
13.That Ain't No Way To Spend A Friday Night
14.You Ain't Puttin' Out Nothin' But The Lights

Here's what the are saying about "That Ain't No Way To Spend A Friday Night!"
"If you think all Blues sounds the same, then you need to hear this CD. Johnny Carlevale covers virtually every type of vintage blues style here - the emphisis on the Rockin' and Jumpin' varieties with most tracks with plenty of uptempo original material. The excellent guitar and upright bass are the most heavily featured instruments, with saxophones and harmonica being called upon when needed. Each musician is first class. The whole thing is led by Johnny Carlevale's natural blues vocal which is a pleasure to hear, and suits every style on this diverse set. Great album!" - Howard from Raucous Records - UK
"Known for his stint with rockabilly bands (Dana Stewart & The Old Howards & Ace Brown) Johnny Carlevale is also an avid blues and rhythm’n’blues fan (he also wears some of the greatest sideburns I’ve ever seen). After one mini album recorded in 2005, he’s back with a full length which is, paradoxically, more varied and less repetitive.
Almost all aspects of blues music can be found on this platter. The opening track one of the two covers of the album is a tasty and groovy jump blues ala T Bone Walker with appropriate sax and guitar licks. Also backed by saxes is “You Ain't Puttin' Out Nuthin' But The Lights” – a six minute tour de force with a nod to “Loveless Love” in the sax solo - which brings a bit of New Orleans style. The harmonica led “My Baby Aint Home” is reminiscent of the Chicago Blues style and so is “You Wore Me Out”. Carlevale’s vocals are always true and never sound fake like many who tries to sing the blues but are only caricature of what they think a bluesman is… This guy is the real deal and he proves it with two Delta Blues influenced acoustic tunes “Alabama Woman Blues” and “The I-80 Blues”. Both of those songs sure awake the hobo that sleeps in you. “Hi-Tail, Then Boogie” is a jumpin’ boogie with a rockabilly beat perfectly supplied by the slappin bass of Jack Hanlon (The Stumbleweeds) and guitarist Greg Burgess (ex Amazing Royal Crown) literally jumps in his chorus. This guy is really amazing on songs like “You Talk Too Much”, a fast paced swing tune about a girl who cant stop talking which he illustrates with brilliant and fast guitar licks. And his job on “That Ain’t No Way To Spend A Friday Night” reminded me, not exactly the same style maybe but the same virtuosity, of Little Charlie Baty. Another fine song is “Mean Mean Thing” . Have you heard about Rumba blues? Probably not but I haven’t found any other word to describe this one and I guess you can imagine how it’d sound. And last but certainly not least, coming from the all girl garage band “Ghouls Night Out”, Amy Latka tries herself at blues singing on “Love me” and she’s more than convincing. A faultless album rounded in a damn fine packaging, who could ask for more? -

Fred "Virgil" Turgis - Jumping From 6 To 6 - France

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Various Acts Of Johnny Carlevale's - 2007
"You Must Be This Tall" - The Rocky Point Park Film Soundtrack

Track Listing For "You Must Be This Tall"

  1. You Must Be This Tall - Johnny Carlevale & His Band Of All-Stars
  2. You'll Be Pleased - Johnny Carlevale & His Band Of All-Stars
  3. Clam Cakes N' Chowder - Johnny Carlevale & His Band Of All-Stars
  4. The Road Less Traveled - Johnny Carlevale's Acoustic Trio
  5. The Diving Horse - The Bomboleros
  6. If I Didn't Have Bad Luck - The Bomboleros
  7. Carousel - The Bomboleros
  8. The Corkscrew Swing - The Bomboleros
  9. I'll Keep Dreamin' - The Bomboleros
  10. Frumpy The Clown - The Bomboleros
  11. The Flume - The Big Kahunays
  12. Your Own Amusement Park - Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins
  13. Slow Down - Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins
  14. Roller Coaster Baby - Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins
  15. Why Did You Leave Me This Way? - Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins


This feature length film, which opened on September 7, 2007, documents the long history of Rocky Point Park, an amusement park and shore dinner hall situated along the coast of the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. The soundtrack features 15 tracks by Johnny Carlevale performed by his many musical projects - His Band Of All Stars, The Rollin' Pins, The Acoustic Trio, The Big Kahunays, and The Bomboleros! If you support multiple personalities, and or have a love for Rocky Point Park, then you HAVE to pick up a copy of this record.  If you click on the BUY NOW button below, you can have the record for only $11.00 US,  which includes shipping & handling costs.